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Choosing the right patio door can make all the difference

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aluminum patio door - Choosing the right patio door can make all the difference

Patio doors are a great way to enhance your home this summer. No longer are you limited by the standard builder grade sliding glass doors that seemingly have no unique character, color, or style about them. Don’t settle for ordinary! Your patio doors have the chance to be an extraordinary feature of your home!

Today, there are so many gorgeous, sleek options for you to choose from when having patio door replacement. Surely, one of these classic looks will you have you daydreaming of how it would look installed onto your home.

 - Choosing the right patio door can make all the difference


French doors. Hinged patio doors. Garden doors. Their names may be different but these patio doors are really all one in same. This classic style is always a popular choice for homeowners because of its elegant simplicity. 

There are a variety of materials available for these garden style patio doors. Here at Brennan Windows, we offer French doors in wood, clad, vinyl, steel, and fiberglass so there is sure to be something to suit your home remodeling needs. The French patio doors can be configured to swing either in or out depending on home layout and the homeowner’s preference. The hinged patio doors can also be installed with or without grids in the glass.

FOLDING PATIO DOORS - Choosing the right patio door can make all the difference


Folding patio doors are a great alternative for a homeowner who wants a beautiful patio door that will be sure to make a statement. These doors operate in an accordion style and run along an overhead track. When fully open, an accordion style patio door will have all of its panels compressed flush against one another. This allows you to turn a doorway into an open breezeway into and out of your home; perfect for entertaining at a barbeque or simply just enjoying a mild spring or summer evening.

The folding style patio doors are truly our most customizable patio door style on the market today. Whether your wall is 8 feet or 18 feet, a folding patio door can be sized to fit your home’s personalized needs, ranging from two to eight leaves.

 - Choosing the right patio door can make all the difference


When it comes to replacing patio doors, sliding patio doors are a tried and true classic. Most sliding patio doors are large solid panels of glass that allow for lots of natural light to stream into your home. Sliding patio doors are made in vinyl, aluminum, composite and wood clad, so there is sure to something to match your home’s exterior décor.

In addition, sliding patio doors are evolving into a more stylish, modern option than in the past. Sliding patio doors can be made large enough to become their own wall, with doors in sizes ranging from 5-16 feet.

A sliding glass door’s energy efficiency is perhaps one of its most important features. With the standard builder grade aluminum sliding glass doors that most homes are built with, there is a lot of thermal energy conducted within the frame and glass panel of the door. However, the energy efficiency of sliding glass doors has improved tenfold in recent years. Better frame construction with the addition of low-E glass has allowed sliding doors to become more energy efficient than ever before, saving the homeowner precious money on every energy bill.

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