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every new home needs premium doors and windows(and wants)!

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 - every new home needs premium doors and windows(and wants)!

Building a new home in an exciting time for many. Some have saved and waited for the right opportunity. They’ve carefully planned and waited for the perfect location to present itself where they can build their forever dream homes. Others are experts at building and selling. They love the thrill of developing new real estate and are always on to the next project. Whatever your approach to building, there’s one thing that remains constant, and that’s window and door trends. In this article, we’re going to talk about window and door trends that aren’t going anywhere. Why they remain popular and how you can add these coveted solutions to your new home build.

 - every new home needs premium doors and windows(and wants)!

Window and door trends in Canada

Window and door trends in Canada are quite literally opening up! More and more Canadians want to maximize the space in their homes, and apartments. When you add a folding sliding door to your new home plan, you can see your square footage increase drastically. Opening your home, whether it’s your living room, dining room, kitchen or office adds an entirely new dimension to how you experience your indoor space. Homeowners regularly express their satisfaction with their folding sliding door and window systems. From bringing them closer to the action happening around a patio off the kitchen, or simply letting the breeze come through their home, these doors are never a regretful feature when added to a new home build.

That also rings true when it comes to resale. Homes with folding sliding doors and windows are more likely to gain attention than their closed-off counterparts. When new home buyers see listing photos where a home is open to a fantastic pool area, lake view, or tranquil back garden they’re going to get excited about the possibilities.

When it comes to windows, opening up a full view from your farmhouse kitchen sink to an outdoor patio is an extremely popular request. In addition, many homeowners look to folding sliding window systems to do the heavy design lifting in their wet bars and walkout basements. The folding sliding window system is an invitation to saddle up to that indoor-outdoor lifestyle and enjoy the view.

 - every new home needs premium doors and windows(and wants)!

What happens when the trend is over?

One thing Canadians will always want in a new home build is a great window and door package. More and more are concerned about energy savings. As window and door trends evolve so does the technology improving the aspects of thermal efficiency. Each year that passes, sees a new advancement in window and door technology.

Fully opening window and door systems have been around since the early 20th century. That’s a good sign that they aren’t about to die out in popularity any time soon. In fact, with technology like hardware and glazing improving they’re only going to become more prevalent. In addition, there are more and more companies like Folding Sliding Doors Canada getting into the space and expanding their product lineups. This is ideal for homeowners, building new homes in Canada because competition makes for better pricing and more selection.

How can I add a Folding Sliding Door or Window system to my new home?

It’s easier than you think to add a folding sliding window or door system to your new home plan. When you work with a reputable supplier and manufacturer of windows and doors in Canada, you benefit from their professional network. Companies like Folding Sliding Doors Canada can provide you with a list of reputable window and door dealers who represent their brand. Dealers are found throughout Canada and are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to understanding the benefits of a folding sliding door system for a new home built in Canada.

If you’ve hired an architect or a builder to oversee your project then you’ll want to make sure the company you hire has the material they need to properly allow for the installation of your new doors and windows. This can be in the form of spec sheets, installation guides, and operational manuals. It can also be of benefit to have all of the technical specs at your disposal to ensure you’re making the right choice for your new home.

Are you ready to add a folding sliding door to your new home build?

Get in touch with our sales team at Folding Sliding Doors Canada and learn more about our products and solutions. We have a wealth of experience and a dedicated team passionate about window and door technology for your home. Reach out to us now!

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