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How are single and double glazed aluminium windows different?

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 - How are single and double glazed aluminium windows different?
 - How are single and double glazed aluminium windows different?

As well as contributing significantly to energy efficiency, aluminium windows are relatively easy to clean and maintain, which makes them increasingly popular among architects, designers and homeowners. Being highly recyclable, aluminium is considered as one of the most sustainable building materials in the construction industry and brings along several advantages over its traditional substitutes.

Double glazed windows

 - How are single and double glazed aluminium windows different?

Glazed aluminium windows and doors help enhance energy efficiency and regulate thermal insulation. Glazed windows are those windows that have multiple panes of glass and a vacuumed space, often filled with an inert gas, preferably argon between them. This inert cavity is responsible for trapping heat and preventing its conduction from the indoors to the outdoors and vice versa.

Glazing in aluminium windows

Glazed aluminium windows also come with primary and secondary seals that are specifically designed to contain the heat and reduce the noise, in a far more superior way than other regular window systems. Primarily, aluminium glazed windows are made available in two major glazing options- single glazing and double glazing.

Single glazing

Single glazing is when there is only a single pane of glass. As there is just one pane of glass, the thermal and noise reduction capacity is considerably reduced. This also compromises on the security of the glass to some extent.

Double glazing

With a capacity to provide double the insulation as compared to single glazed aluminium windows, double glazed aluminium window frames consist of two panes of glass separated by a layer of inert gas. Additionally, double glazing your windows also significantly decreases noise pollution, thus soundproofing your indoors from outside noise.

The advantages of glazing

 - How are single and double glazed aluminium windows different?
  • Make your indoors soundproof
  • Security and safety are enhanced
  • Electricity bills can be reduced
  • Keep the summer heat at bay
  • Water-tight

These aluminium glazed window frames feature an inert cavity between the panes that absorbs sound, and the extra pane acts as a sound buffer. When looking to install aluminium glazed windows, you can choose between single glazed aluminium window frames or double glazed aluminium window frames depending on the specific requirements of your space, the need for insulation and even your geographical location.

KESENBAO aluminium glazed windows are built with high-quality, non-recycled, virgin aluminium using extensive state-of-the-art technology. Our strict internal quality and control checks help us deliver nothing but the best. Aluminium window frames by KESENBAO are high performance, anti-corrosion, termite-proof, water-tight windows that do not bend, fade, warp or discolor and retain their shape, size, shine and lustre for years to come with easy care.

Experience the advantage of KESENBAO

  • Usage of premium quality seals
  • Extremely high on performance and durability
  • Sleek sightlines
  • Superior quality glass panes used for glazing
  • Highly functional hardware
  • Presence of multiple locking points to improve security
  • Eliminates the need for expensive repairs, frequent polishing and heavy maintenance

KESENBAO also offers complete end-to-end solutions right from the survey and design to the delivery and installation for all aluminium windows and doors. Our satisfactory post-sale services and a 10-year long comprehensive warranty, make us one of the most trusted aluminium windows and doors manufacturers in the market.

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