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Is it better to use PVC, aluminum, or a hybrid? Choosing Your Patio Door

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 - Is it better to use PVC, aluminum, or a hybrid? Choosing Your Patio Door

PVC, hybrid or aluminum… Is it all the same when it comes to a patio door? Not at all! These materials differ greatly in price, energy efficiency and maintenance requirements. If you’re thinking about replacing your patio door, make sure you have all the facts.

 - Is it better to use PVC, aluminum, or a hybrid? Choosing Your Patio Door

Here’s a brief overview of these sometimes-obscure materials: 

For doors and windows, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is the most popular material. It’s a low-cost solution with a simple look that fits easily into most homes. It’s also highly resistant: rust, rot, impacts and harsh weather have no effect on it! And best of all, it’s not very conductive, which means it can save you a lot in energy costs. For affordable renovations that are still energy-efficient, this is the material to go with. 

Unlike steel, aluminum is very durable, doesn’t rust, and doesn’t rot. It is a slightly more upscale material that keeps a pristine appearance for a long time and requires little maintenance. If you dream of letting in tons of natural light through a wall fitted with many patio doors, aluminum is what you want. Its sleek style is perfect for contemporary or modern-style homes but can also give new life to an older house. Aluminum patio doors built for our climate feature thermal barriers developed to support the wide range of temperatures. If you choose an aluminum patio door, make sure it was designed for your climate zone. 

Do not overlook hybrid materials (e.g., PVC/aluminum, wood/aluminum). They can combine the various advantages of different materials and are perfect for a stylish, durable and affordable patio door. A PVC/aluminum door, for example, will give the front of your house a unique look and save you a lot on energy costs. And since it’s easy to paint, you can match it to the rest of the house in a snap. In short, hybrid patio doors are ideal for an inexpensive, long-lasting chic look.

There are advantages to every type of patio door material. The style of your home will help you make your choice. All that’s left is to consider your budget, the time you want to put into maintenance and your energy efficiency needs. Only you can choose the best door for your home!

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