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The main factors in choosing a folding door for your home?

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 - The main factors in choosing a folding door for your home?
 - The main factors in choosing a folding door for your home?

 In fact, it is not enough to use it well. The folding door is practical and beautiful, and we need to choose it well. However, the quality of folding doors on the market varies from good to bad. How can we choose our favorite product among the many options? There are three points to look at when purchasing aluminum alloy folding doors, and the IMAGERY doors and windows will explain them clearly to you.

Safety is vital

Although folding doors are good, protection and safety are also indispensable. Among the folding doors, a common safety problem is that accidents (children) are prone to pinching fingers when the folding door is opened and closed. In order to make the folding door safer and more reasonable, when purchasing a folding door, we can ask whether the folding door has an anti-pinch design (that is, whether the folding door product is equipped with an anti-pinch soft plastic strip between the door frame. The function of the strip is Guaranteed to be closed and sealed without pinching fingers).

Quality of all the details are important

 A high-value folding door can improve the quality of life on the balcony and expand the space of happiness! Fully open folding doors and indoor/balcony spaces are seamlessly connected and intercommunicated, whether it is for transparent lighting, children’s play, or living room gatherings are very suitable!

 Not only members of the Appearance Association, but we also need to pay attention to the appearance of the product when purchasing folding doors. Flat surfaces without scratches, soft and delicate feel, clear profile texture…these are all necessary for an ideal folding door. In terms of details, we also need to check whether the door leaf splicing of the folding door is rigorous, whether the quality of the adhesive strips is qualified, and whether the door leaf adhesive strips are loose or fall off. After all, these will affect the sealing performance of the folding door.

Operate open and closed it by yourself

The kitchen is one of the most suitable places for folding doors! The advantage of folding doors is that they can separate the space more freely, unlike sliding doors that have space and size restrictions. In the kitchen, if the door opening is small, you can choose a small folding door, and if the door opening is large, you can choose a slightly larger folding door. In addition, the full opening is also the strength of folding doors, which is one of the reasons why folding doors are simpler than swing doors.

The folding door is multi-leaf folding, and it is necessary to check whether the door leaves can be opened flexibly during the on-site trial. Here comes the problem! Is the operation feel of the folding door as light as possible? not necessarily! A good aluminum alloy folding door feels smooth and unimpeded during operation, and the weight is appropriate (too heavy will make it inconvenient to open, and to light will easily cause swinging problems)

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 There are indeed many benefits of folding doors, the appearance is stylish and good-looking, the lighting is transparent, and does not take up space. When you buy it, hope you can remember the above 3 points.

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