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The popularity of coloured aluminium windows and doors

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Aluminium Sliding Doors - The popularity of coloured aluminium windows and doors
 - The popularity of coloured aluminium windows and doors

fast catching on. Installing attractive and stylish windows and doors not only adds to the aesthetic of a home without taking away from its function but is also an opportunity to reflect one’s own style in the interiors of a place.

Selecting the window type and design is the first step in the process, while choosing the right kind of laminate or finish is the next important step. Aluminium windows and doors come with the widest range of options in terms of colours, finishes and laminates. With low maintenance needs and excellent durability, coloured aluminium windows and doors are the perfect choice for every space, no matter what its requirements.

Known as the green metal, aluminium is a lightweight but durable building material popular with architects, interior designers, and homeowners. Being 100% recyclable, this metal makes some of the strongest, safest and most attractive window and door profiles.

 - The popularity of coloured aluminium windows and doors

Fade- and discoloration-resistant

Coloured aluminium doors and windows are highly resistant to fading, chipping, cracking or bending. They retain their shine and colour for years to come even with the most minimal maintenance. Aluminium windows can also withstand extreme environmental conditions like high temperatures, heavy rainfalls, windstorms or exposure to saline water, thus making them an ideal fit for all cities across the geography of the country. Further, they are also resistant to insect infestations and corrosion.

A more appealing aesthetic

Coloured aluminium windows and doors add a pop of colour and spice to any plain space, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. With over 100 different RAL colours and exciting timber finishes, one can customize these windows and doors to blend with or complement the rest of the home decor.

Improved energy efficiency

Aluminium windows and doors are famous for their thermal insulation properties. They can effectively moderate indoor temperatures to match the weather conditions outside, controlling the transfer of heat. This makes summers cooler and winters warmer, and also greatly reduces energy consumption, helping cut high electricity bills up to 30%.

Durable and robust

Built with the highest quality raw materials, coloured aluminium doors and windows are extremely durable and reliable. They make for a more sustainable and low-maintenance window system than any of their other traditional counterparts.

Indoor soundproofing

Aluminium windows also offer effective noise reduction and sound insulation. When combined with single or double glazing, they are known to curb the entry of outside noise indoors by up to 30-40 dB, thus enabling a cool and calm environment indoors.

KESENBAO- 100+ Colours and Finishes

At KESENBAO, you can choose from an extensive variety of styles, colours and designs for your aluminium windows and doors and pick the one that matches your style the best.

Coating with powder

Select from a range of over 100+ RAL colours designed using powder coating technology and build windows that are attractive, stylish, long-lasting and high on performance.

The anodizing process

Enjoy the sheen and grace of KESENBAO’s high precision anodizing finish coloured windows and doors that come in a range of solid and metallic finishes.

Wood finishes

With over 25+ designs, KESENBAO finishes mimic the look and feel of natural timber without the maintenance. A more affordable and environmentally friendly option, wood finish aluminium doors and windows can effortlessly add a hint of elegance to your space.

With KESENBAO’s premium quality coloured aluminium windows and doors, you can give your home a classy makeover. With our end-to-end services and expert consultations, you can enjoy hassle-free living with elegant aluminium windows and doors.

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