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Thermal Break Aluminum Windows and Doors

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Thermal Break Aluminum Windows and Doors - Thermal Break Aluminum Windows and Doors

The aluminum alloy is a metal, which means that it conducts heat quickly, so when the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors is large, it can act as a “bridge” for heat transfer. The thermal break aluminum is disconnected from the middle of aluminum alloy doors and windows. The broken aluminum alloy is connected using nylon or PVC. Obviously, nylon or PVC conducts heat slower than metal, so heat cannot easily pass through the material. Improved thermal insulation is also achieved.

What are Thermal Bridges and Thermal Breaks?

There is a close relationship between thermal breaks and thermal bridges. Essentially, a thermal bridge allows heat to be transferred easily.

The aluminum frames of regular windows are perfect examples of thermal bridges. From inside your house, you’ll probably find that the aluminum frame of your window is also very cold when it’s freezing outside.

You feel cold in your hand when your window frames conduct, or transport, heat outside. When your window frames act as thermal bridges, your wall is less effective as an insulator.

thermal break aluminum - Thermal Break Aluminum Windows and Doors

Thermal breaks, on the other hand, prevent this leakage or transfer of heat.

The frame of a regular aluminum window is made of a single, continuous piece of aluminum that thermally connects the inside and outside of the building. The inside and outside parts of a thermally broken window frame are insulate with a different material, which dramatically reduces heat transfer.

Thermal break aluminium profiles have the following advantages:

  1. Thermal break aluminum doors and windows are waterproof. Drainage system is designed according to the principle of pressure balance, and slope of inclined design is stepped. Drainage is smooth, and watertight is good.
  2. Aluminum thermal break doors and windows provide good thermal insulation. The heat-insulating profile consists of an inner and outer frame made of rubber, with a double hair strip sealed between them. Excellent performance in terms of airtightness, watertightness, and thermal insulation. As well as insulated glass, the window provides excellent sound insulation, heat insulation, and heat preservation. The energy saving effect is remarkable because the heat transfer coefficient is less than 2.23-2.94W/2K, which reduces mining and cooling costs.
  3. Design of thermal break aluminum door and window anti-mosquito screens. With anti-mosquito, fly properties, especially suitable for mosquitoes in the north, these screens are invisible when installed inside or outside.
  4. Insulation against noise from thermal break aluminum doors and windows. This structure has been carefully designed, the seams are tight, and the sound insulation of the air is between 30 and 40 decibels.
  5. An anti-theft and anti-loss device for aluminum doors and windows. The window is equipped with a standard hardware lock to ensure its stability and safety.
  6. Condensation is prevented by thermal break aluminum doors and windows. Through the broken aluminum profile of the bridge, the door and window can be sealed three ways, the water vapor chamber can be separated reasonably, and the pressure of gas and water can be achieved successfully, improving the door and window’s water and air tightness significantly.
  7. Aluminum doors and windows that are broken are fireproof. A metal alloy is used for the aluminum alloy, and a nylon insulation strip is used for the heat insulation.
  8. Aluminum thermal break doors and windows are strong and maintenance-free. In addition to its high tensile and shear strength, the aluminum structure of the Thermal break is thermally resistant. The material is strong and durable. There is little need to maintain the broken aluminum profile because it is not easily attacked by acid and alkali, nor does it turn yellow or fade easily.
  9. broken aluminum doors and windows. Sand-proof, wind-resistant. The inner frame is made of hollow material, with strong resistance to wind pressure deformation and good anti-vibration effect. The air tightness of this window is better than any aluminum and plastic window. It can ensure that the indoor window sill and floor of the area with large wind and sand are free of dust.
  10. Comfortable and durable thermal break aluminum doors and windows come in a variety of forms. Swing type, inward tilt type, top suspension type, push-pull type, flat opening and inward tilting, and compound type are some examples.
  11. Green building materials such as thermal break aluminum doors and windows. During the production process, the aluminum doors and windows of Thermal break will not only produce harmful materials, but can also be recycled and reused. The product is environmentally friendly and a green building material.
  12. Doors and windows made of aluminum with thermal break, available in a variety of colors. It can be used to paint indoor and outdoor surfaces of doors and windows in different colors, satisfy customers’ preferences for color effects, and satisfy architects’ individual design requirements. Aluminum profiles have a sleek and luxurious appearance.

Thermal Break Aluminum Windows and Doors

Kesenbao thermal break aluminum windows and doors improve energy efficiency and noise insulation in homes with advanced technology. As a barrier, they use reinforced polyamide extrusions and double glazing with warm edge spacers. As a result, heat and sound cannot pass from one side to the other of the window or door.

Thermal Break Windows and Doors - Thermal Break Aluminum Windows and Doors

Benefits of Thermal Break Aluminum

It can be expensive to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which is why Kesenbao thermal break aluminum is a smart solution. Using them reduces the need for air conditioning and heaters, thereby reducing energy consumption.

ENERGY REDUCTION - Thermal Break Aluminum Windows and Doors
Year-round-Comfort - Thermal Break Aluminum Windows and Doors

It keeps your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter by limiting the flow of hot and cold air into and out of your home with Kesenbao thermal break windows and doors.

Kesenbao’s thermal break windows and doors are designed to reduce condensation on them.

REDUCE CONDENSATION - Thermal Break Aluminum Windows and Doors
NOISE REDUCTION - Thermal Break Aluminum Windows and Doors

Kesenbao thermal break windows and doors can reduce the amount of external noise entering your home so that you can enjoy a little peace and quiet in your home.

With modern hardware and beautiful frame colors, Kesenbao thermal break windows and doors are available in expansive sizes and lifestyle configurations.

FLEXIBILITY BY DESIGN - Thermal Break Aluminum Windows and Doors

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