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Types Bay Windows And How To Choose

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bay windows - Types Bay Windows And How To Choose

Bay Window Introduction

In general, bay windows are a set of three or more windows that form an angle beyond the exterior wall of a house. It is possible to make bay windows in many shapes, such as squares, hexagons, octagons, etc.

The west is largely known for its bay windows. Mostly in Europe. However, it is also prevalent in other countries. Arab countries, for example, are largely characterized by bay windows.

A mansion’s outward appearance can be greatly enhanced by bay windows, which are very beautiful. Furthermore, bay windows create the illusion of more space in the room, making the room appear larger than it actually is.

What are Bay Windows?

Bay is derived from the French word ‘bae’, which means opening. During the English Renaissance period between the late 15th and early 17th centuries, bay windows became popular.

The most common type of bay window during this period was the oriel window. Outwardly facing windows that don’t touch the ground extend from the wall. A raised dais where the lord was served was at the end of the great hall, opposite the entrance.

It was a common feature of newly built homes, mansions, churches, and various other architecture in the Victorian era for bay windows to serve as chapels in large churches.

“Bay windows were rare in the 1850s and 1860s, but became universal in the 1870s,” wrote architectural historian Randolph Delahanty in his Victorian Sampler. Victorian bay windows were usually 6 feet high and typically 2 to 3 feet from the wall when they were angled, three-sided.

Type of Bay Windows

It was absolutely ornamental to have bay windows in the medieval period. Over the centuries, architects have experimented with bay windows so much. Bay windows are available all over the world today in a variety of types. Numerous types exist, and some are very rare but have very unique designs. Below are the types of bay windows described with pictures.

Circle Bay Windows - Types Bay Windows And How To Choose

1: Circle Bay Windows

Circle bay windows are a design concept that almost every homeowner can understand. It is a type of bay window that has a circular shape, as its name suggests. Compared to oriel bay windows, circular bay windows are more suitable for modern homes.

The most evolved type of bay window is the circle bay window. Bay windows have been the subject of so many experiments throughout history. As a result, the Circle bay windows were created.

Bay windows of this type are usually round in shape. Circle bay windows are formed by combining several smaller windows into a single round window. A circle bay window is usually found at the corner of a house.

Compared to Oriel bay windows, circle bay windows are larger and more ornamental. The circular window seats that accompany this type of bay window enhance the beauty and elegance of the room.

Bay windows of this type can reach heights of up to six feet and may extend two or three feet from the house.


  1. Perfect for modern homes
  2. Double-hung forms can be used


Installation can be a hassle

Box Bay Windows - Types Bay Windows And How To Choose

2: Box Bay Windows

The box bay window is the most affordable type of bay window. This type of bay window has a boxier front, as its name suggests. The other characteristics of these windows are pretty much the same, except for their boxy shape.

Box bay windows are bay windows that are shaped like boxes. Box bay windows are generally rectangular in shape. The front and sides of this type of bay window are flat, and the roof is flat too.

The UK has a large number of these kinds of windows. Box bay windows are also common in western Europe. These types of windows do not have angled sides. Bay windows with angled sides are called canted bay windows.

Bay windows are measured by their angle with the house’s wall. The depth of most 30 degree bay windows ranges from 12 to 14 inches. A 45-degree window would have a depth range of 16 to 22 inches. The depth of box bay windows is usually 18 to 24 inches.


  1. Affordable option
  2. Enhances the appearance of the house’s exterior


Tough To Maintain

Oriel Bay Windows - Types Bay Windows And How To Choose

3: Oriel Bay Windows

In the English Renaissance period, Oriel bay windows became popular as the oldest types of bay windows. A bay window of this type is generally constructed on one side of a home. Bay windows do not touch the ground, as previously mentioned. A building can have Oriel bay windows on any floor.

A decorative bracket or corbel of wood or stone should be placed underneath the window for support. The majority of oriel windows measure 6m x 3m. However, this size can vary.

It is actually oriel bay windows that are commonly found in various homes. They are the most common type of bay window installed. Basically, they are bay windows that are square in shape.

Houses with the best looks usually have them installed on the upper floors. Old-school aesthetics are ideal for those who prefer oriel bay windows.


  1. Unique looks
  2. Suitable for antique houses
  3. A versatile bay windows


A bit on the expensive side

4: Canted Bay Windows

Box bay windows and canted bay windows are very similar. It has the shape of an ideal classic bay window.

Bay windows of this type have a flat front just like Box bay windows. However, the window’s sides are angled. In a house or building, canted bay windows are only found on the first or ground floor. Victorian style houses often have canted bay windows.

A canted bay window can have three, four, or even more than four windows.

The front of a canted bay window is flat, while the sides are curved. In the modern world, these windows aren’t as common as they were in the Victorian era. Due to their stand-out appearance, they are usually installed on the first floor of the house.


  1. Increase the value of the property
  2. Any living space can be fitted with it


The installation process is difficult

Bow Bay Windows - Types Bay Windows And How To Choose

3: Bow Bay Windows

Any scenic view outside can be enjoyed through this type of bay window. A bow bay window sticks out from the house because of its curvature. A house with three or more casement windows in a line looks classic from the outside.

There is no floor contact with these types of bay windows. Bow bay windows can also be seen on other floors, as well as on the ground floor. Oriel bay windows and Box bay windows serve different purposes, and bow bay windows are larger.

You can get a better view of the outside with Bow bay windows than with normal windows.

Our next window type is the bow bay window. Bow and bay windows are mixed together in these windows. These windows are perfect for those who love both types of windows.


  1. For a picture-perfect view of the outside
  2. Unique Aesthetics


Very Expensive

What Aspects to Consider Before Buying Bay Window?

Choosing a quality bay window requires some consideration. There are, of course, different aspects to consider. These are a few of the most important factors to consider.

1: Window Frame Material

Bay windows are also determined by the material used for the frame. The best approach here is to choose a durable material. Bay windows are typically framed with aluminum.

2: Glass Options

Your bay window’s glass should not be compromised. You can choose from a wide variety of glass options. If safety and security are your top priorities, you can choose tempered glass.

The best option might be clear glass if you want a simple yet elegant look. Additionally, frosted glass or patterned glass may be considered for enhanced aesthetics.

Always purchase glass from a reputable vendor, regardless of the glass option you choose.

3: Window Style

The first step is to choose which bay window style catches your attention. The most common type of bay window chosen by homeowners is the box bay window. This is due to the fact that they are a bit more affordable. You can, however, choose any other window style.

4: Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is generally pretty good with bay windows. In order to maximize energy savings, bay windows should have dual pane glass panels. Due to its excellent insulation properties, double-paned or insulated glass is an excellent choice for windows.

5: The Operational Factor

Bay windows do not all open and close in the same way. There are also different corners and sections of every home’s interior where bay windows can be installed. This factor should also be taken into account. An expert designer should be consulted in this regard.

6: The Cost Factor

The overall installation cost of each bay window varies. Bay windows usually cost between $1200 and $3500 (per window). Every state will have its own labor charges. Prior to choosing any bay window, make sure you define your budget.


The pros and cons of different types of bay windows are now clear to you. Bay windows are the perfect choice for every home. Any of the above bay windows can be chosen depending on your interior space and budget. Don’t compromise on the glass panel quality. A reputable glass distributor is the best place to buy glass panels. All glass panels can be found at Fab Glass and Mirror.

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