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What everyone should know about folding doors

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What everyone should know about folding doors - What everyone should know about folding doors

 - What everyone should know about folding doors

What does it take to fold a door?

A folding door works by creating a concertina effect or an accordion effect. Much like an accordion’s bellows, bi-fold doors have multiple panels that fold back on themselves to open up a room. These doors do not open outside or inside and take up no extra space to operate. This means that you do not have to settle for a standard small entryway provided by traditional hinged doors.

If you don’t want to fold up the entire façade each time, you can get these doors installed with a ‘traffic door’. A traffic door sits within the bi-folding structure and has a standard lever handle. This allows you to go in and out through the traffic door without having to fold every single leaf of the bi-fold. Placing traffic doors is particularly helpful for interior doorways as they get used more regularly as compared to exterior doorways.

The benefits of folding doors

Now that you know how folding doors operate, learn about why they are gaining such stark popularity. Here are some of the key benefits of bi-folding doors.

Allow Natural Light

Unlike traditional doors, folding doors allow you to open up an entire wall and usher in oodles of natural light. This also creates a pleasing visual that connects your indoor space to the garden. You can install folding doors in a thin frame with bigger glass panes that let maximum light into your living room or bedroom. You might be thinking that during the summer season, this will make your space very hot. But, not with the right glazing option! Manufacturers offer energy-efficient glazing options that provide great thermal comfort by absorbing light but reflecting away any additional heat generated from the solar glare.

Appealing to the eye

Folding doors are available in several styles and colours. They look gorgeous and give an illusion of space. Whether you want these doors to stand out or blend in with your brickwork, there is always a design option available to suit your sensibilities. Folding doors look great regardless of how old or new their construction is. They blend well with vintage style homes as well as contemporary spaces. You can choose from a myriad of surface finishes for these set of doors to make them look fantastic from both inside and outside.

Security and safety 

You might think that a door with several glass panels might be easier to break into, but such isn’t the case! Unlike traditional hinged doors that have only one or two locks affixed at one spot, bi-folds have several locks or bolts spread across it. This maximises the safety and security of your home. These bolts are located at different points along the sliding track of the door, making the structure impregnable. Folding door frames coupled with the right kind of glazing will make it nearly impossible for a break-in to occur. Talk to your window manufacturer about getting double-glazed toughened glass for enhanced security. You require double or triple glazing only for external folding doors.

Bare Minimum Maintenance

Bi-folding doors require little to no maintenance depending on your surroundings. They last long and can withstand tough weather conditions. If you live in a particularly hot, cold or rainy location, folding doors will remain intact year after year. If you live in a particularly dusty area or near the coast, you can simply clean these doors with a cloth and some soapy water once every six months. Getting Aluminium folding doors for your exteriors is a great idea as they provide immense strength, and are free from corrosion.

Flexible yet Compact

Folding doors can be opened or closed as much as you like, depending on your requirement on a particular day. This provides far more flexibility, thus enhancing your lifestyle. They also bring the outdoors inside, meaning they give you a grand and panoramic view of the outdoors. Furthermore, these doors are especially beneficial for people that use wheelchairs or have reduced mobility. They are also perfect for several occasions. For example, if you want to host barbeque garden parties, folding doors can be retracted fully to provide quick and easy access between your garden and home.

Over to You

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