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Aluminum Doors

Aluminum glass doors range from patio doors and entry doors to dog doors and magnetic screen doors. Entry points, security, and style are all provided by doors. If you’re in the market for an exterior or interior door, Kesenbao’s has what you need.

Aluminum Glass Door Types

Aluminum Folding Door

Aluminum Glass Folding Door

We offer aluminium glass folding doors that open fully and stack on top of one another so they don’t block the pathway between indoor and outdoor spaces. Open spaces and entertaining people at home are popular uses for these doors.

As there are no obstructing frames or beams on these doors, they can be stacked discretely when not in use. With this feature, you have the freedom to move them out of the way when you feel like being with nature or entertaining many people at home.

We offer aluminium glass folding doors combining the unbending strength of heavy duty aluminium profiles and hardware. You can enjoy the feeling of bringing the outside inside with them. Fly screens can be installed on all doors. Using the level handle, top and bottom locking bolts can be released simultaneously.

A folding aluminum door system can help you achieve the high-end home form and function you want with its high-quality aluminum structure. It doesn’t matter if your project is new or rebuilt. In addition to adding beauty to your home, aluminum folding doors can also increase its value.

Aluminium Sliding Doors

Aluminium Glass Sliding Doors

All of our Aluminum sliding doors are custom made to your specifications. Every window/door will be supplied with a shop drawing for your double-checking before production.

You can choose from a variety of insulation and safety levels for our aluminium doors. In addition to being highly thermal efficient, aluminium doors can also be triple glazed. With their strength and durability, aluminium sliding doors over three meters high can let the maximum amount of light into your building. With the development of technology and engineering, a wide range of track systems have been developed. It can be quite confusing to choose the right sliding door tracks because of the numerous options available.

Aluminum French Patio Doors

Aluminum Glass French Patio Doors

Kesenbao offers aluminum French patio doors that feature a broad rail and stile for an authentic French appearance, available as sliding doors or hinged doors. You can have the best of both worlds with a French patio door, which combines the rich tradition of a classic door with the convenience of a modern patio door.

An effortlessly timeless look is achieved with French patio doors. In general, French patio doors have a more classic aesthetic that is best suited to homes with a more traditional architectural style and décor.

Kesenbao offers French-hinged patio doors that open outward or inward. One advantage of hinged french patio doors is that they can provide a large opening, despite requiring more operational space. Hosting parties and moving large furniture into and out of the house is easier with easy access to the patio and backyard. The classic style and unbeatable performance of our French outswing patio doors are unmatched.

Furthermore, we offer French sliding doors, which feature easy-glide performance with timeless style. When space around the door is limited, our sliding French doors are the perfect solution. Your home’s design will be enhanced with these space-saving French doors.

With our French-hinged patio doors or our sliding French doors, any room in the house will have more natural light, greater ventilation, and increased energy efficiency. Whether you are looking for new construction French patio doors or replacement French patio doors, Kesenbao offers several styles to meet your functional and aesthetic needs.

Why Aluminum Glass Door?

An aluminum glass door is lighter and, especially, less prone to corrosion than other metal doors. Certain alloys can make it stronger; it often includes elements of glass or other materials.

Aluminum Glass Door Applications

These doors are found in home, commercial and industrial settings, as well as interior and exterior applications.

Aluminum Glass Door Technologies

Aluminum conducts heat well. This can present problems where thermal insulation is important. If the door has glass panels, double or triple glazing can be used with argon or another gas filling the space between panes. Aluminum is often used only on the exterior face of the door, while a non-conductive material like wood or plastic constitutes the inner portion.

Aluminum Glass Door Advantages

– Resists corrosion
– Light

Aluminum Glass Door Disadvantages

– Requires insulation

Aluminum Glass Door Manufacturer in China

With Kesenbao, you can get 360-degree glass solutions for all of your needs. Offering a wide range of home improvement options, expert subject matter knowledge, and excellent customer service is what we’re all about. We offer our customers the best door design prices in China due to the fact that we manufacture our products locally and tailor them to the latest trends. Aluminum glass doors are highly customizable, making them ideal for use in residences, offices, and apartments.

Kesenbao is a modern aluminum glass door manufacturer that incorporates industry innovations into our products (Aluminum Folding Door, Aluminum Sliding Door, Aluminum Casement Door, Aluminum Narrow Frame Door, Aluminum Spring Door, Aluminum French Door). Our full-service solutions include design, consultation, glass and frame selection, and installation help.

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