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Aluminum Fixed Window

Aluminum frame fixed glass windows are intended to complete the architectural design and enhance the aesthetics of the house. There are no operable parts on these windows, and they are fixed at the place where they are installed. The windows are installed at a height where ample sunlight can enter the room. Kesenbao aluminium frame fixed glass windows are highly recommended for – Kitchens, Bathrooms, Living Rooms and Bedrooms with A/C, and Apartment Stairways. Aluminium Fixed Windows from Kesenbao are available in a variety of geometric shapes, sizes, colors and profiles that go beyond aesthetics.

Aluminum fixed Window

Aluminum Fixed Window Key Features

  • High grade, strong and lightweight aluminium frames are used for our fixed light windows
  • Modern, elegant aesthetics with ultra slim sightlines from just 53mm
  • The ability to integrate trickle ventilation into an outer frame profile with a deep head is available
  • For different types of installations, we offer a variety of frame sizes
  • Colours from the British Standard Colour Chart or the RAL colour chart can be powder-coated custom
  • Various cill options to suit different installation situations
  • Designed to exceed current thermal regulations with a unique thermal break
  • Guaranteed for 10 years

Why Choose Aluminium Frame Fixed Windows?

In properties surrounded by breathtaking scenery, minimalist, elegant windows allow the views to shine. The ultra slimline aluminum frame from Kesenbao gives your customers the opportunity to maximize their impact.

We offer fixed windows with sightlines as narrow as 53mm if you want uninterrupted views of the outdoors and to let as much light into the space as possible. We can support units up to 250kg and 2500mm x 2500mm thanks to the superior strength of our aluminium frames.

We offer customisable fixed aluminium windows that are ideal for replacing existing uPVC, timber or steel framed windows.


Aluminium Frame Fixed Windows For Kitchens:

The kitchen is an intimate space that brings your family together. Preparing meals in a kitchen that looks and feels good can be a true joy when you install our exquisite aluminum fixed glass windows.

Aluminium Frame Fixed Windows For Bathrooms:

Your washroom spaces can be transformed with our aluminium fixed glass windows if you have been captivated by a fixed aluminum windows commercial on your TV screen.

Aluminium Frame Fixed Windows For Balconies:

Our aluminium fixed windows have the potential to transform your balconies into spaces of aesthetic beauty and relaxation, making them an essential for modern homeowners.

Aluminium Frame Fixed Windows For Wardrobes:

Light is the best way to brighten up any walk-in closet or wardrobe. You get that with our exquisite aluminium fixed glass windows. Make your wardrobe spaces more glamorous with our windows.

Aluminium Frame Fixed Windows For Bedrooms:

The mere presence of our fixed glass windows can bring out the true splendor of your bedrooms. We created our fixed windows to revolutionize your bedroom spaces.

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