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Sunrooms & Glass Houses

Sunrooms & Glass Houses

Modern Aluminum Glass Sunroom & House Solution

We all like to be connected to the outdoors, but given our long winters, and sometimes unpredictable weather, it’s nice to be connected to outside from the comfort of inside.

Sunrooms & Glass Houses

New life,New Design.

Nowadays, the aluminum glass sunroom & house no longer has to accommodate wicker and rattan and only be used during the summer.

With higher R-values that keep the heat of the sun out, new technology can block almost 85% of the sun’s solar heat.

Glass can now have lower reflectivity, meaning that when we are spending time under the sun, glare becomes less of a factor. You can even watch tv in your sunroom.

Windows can now virtually clean themselves with coatings of silicone and titanium dioxide that shed dirt with the help of a good rain.

These new aluminum glass sunrooms are also much safer with a requirement for most glass roofs to have laminated glass in case something magically hits the roof at the right angle with the right force to try to break it.

We no longer have the same worries of our grandparents in their sunrooms — we get to use them in the sun, and all year round, comfortably.

Sunrooms & Glass HousesSunrooms & Glass Houses

Design Your Perfect Aluminum Glass Sunroom

Kesenbao design a sunroom for your home that we knew you would want to use over the winter.When you walked into your home for the first time and saw a 6’ x 8’ patio door off the back of the house leading directly into a century-old cherry tree, we knew you wanted to spend our time sitting under the tree. We decided that you had to use the tree, which had stood in the yard for longer than the house, to decide the layout of your new sunroom.

Customized Outdoor Aluminum Winter Garden Room House Glass Sunrooms

Customized Glass Houses Aluminum Profile Glass Sunroom

Customized Glass Houses Aluminum Profile Glass Sunroom

Customized Glass Houses Aluminum Profile Glass Sunroom

Aluminum Glass Sunrooms & Live outdoors all year round!

A beautiful patio offers families a tranquil retreat where they can relax and unwind while enjoying nature’s offerings. With our sliding glass sunrooms, solariums, and three-season rooms, you can spend more time outdoors. Creating great memories with your loved ones can be as easy as adding a luxurious and affordable glass sunroom.

If it was raining, you could send your children out to play, or sit with friends and family in the sunroom enjoying a cup of coffee and watching the sunset every single evening!

Aluminum Sunrooms & Glass Houses Manufacturer in China

Kesenbao offers fully customizable sunrooms and solariums to suit your needs and style. We can add a complete sunroom addition to your home, or transform your existing covered deck into a sunroom. Customized Glass Houses Aluminum Profile Glass Sunroom thickness is 3.0mm ,accord with national standard. Concise, beautiful, large picture window, glass block, vision daylighting rate high, wipe glass is convenient, safe and reliable use of flexible long service life. Aluminum glass sunrooms allow millions of homeowners to enjoy their patio space regardless of the weather.

If you have a patio cover or existing covered deck, you can open your sliding glass completely and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. Rain, snow, wind, debris, and leaves do not affect your sunroom in the colder months. With Kesenbao’s sliding glass, you can create the outdoor living space of your dreams!

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