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Curtain Walls


As a building’s facade or feature, curtain walls are often aesthetically pleasing. By allowing maximum penetration of natural light into a building, aluminium curtain walls provide a pleasant internal environment. Commercial properties and retail spaces alike are taking advantage of this feature along with other benefits, notably design flexibility, improved thermal insulation, and better weatherproofing. Air and water infiltration are carefully managed by curtain walls.

A building’s curtain and window wall systems act as building envelopes and ensure maximum daylight intake within the interior space, making the building’s occupants feel safe and comfortable. Furthermore, aluminium curtain walls are popular due to their high aesthetic value and limitless architectural possibilities.

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What is a curtain wall system?

A curtain wall system is an external wall system that is not structural. We offer traditional stick fabrication as well as unitized curtain wall systems from Kesenbao.

Inside or outside glazing options are available with Kesenbao curtain wall systems. Faster installation, improved product quality and lower installation costs are all advantages of unitized curtain wall systems, assembled and glazed in the shop environment.

The types of curtain wall

This relatively lightweight, weathertight curtain wall system offers a cutting-edge combination of design and performance – including thermal, hurricane and blast resistance – at an affordable price.


Stick-built curtain walls offer simple installation in the field as well as interior and exterior glazing options.


Our high-performance unitized curtain wall systems save you time and money. With a variety of combinations of captured and silicon glazing, thermal breaks, and isolators, they come fully assembled and glazed.


With our window and entrance products, you can create the appearance of a curtain wall on your low-rise, multistory building.

Exposed aluminum frame glass curtain wall

The aluminum frame is exposed outside which can see frame both inside and outside. It’s safer and the most popular.

The specifications are as below:

  • Frame: thermal break or non-thermal break aluminum
  • Glass: 6+12A+6mm,6 low-e+12A+6mm
  • Function: Sound-proof,cool/heat insulation.

Application: House,apartment,office and so on.

Frameless glass curtain wall

Frameless glass curtain wall is composed of glass ribs and glass panels, there are no aluminum frame outside even inside the room. Usually there are glass fin or stainless steel spider.

There are large scale glass, looks very modern and enable large field of vision and light.

Application: Shopping mall, commercial building and etc.

Hidden aluminum frame glass curtain wall

Aluminum frames are present, but they are inside the room, so they cannot be seen from the outside. Modern and popular for commercial office buildings

Double safety glass has good sound-proofing and cool/heat insulation properties. We usually recommend 6+12A+6mm double safety glass.

Application: House, apartment, office and so on.

Unitized Glass curtain wall

Unit glass curtain wall refers to the building curtain wall directly installed on the main structure, which is a basic unit of complete curtain wall structure made by various wall weights and supporting frames in factories.

Unit curtain wall can be divided into: unit curtain wall and semi-unit curtain wall, also known as rigid unit curtain wall, semi-unit curtain wall can be divided into: upright unit combination curtain wall, window wall unit curtain wall.

The Advantages of Aluminum Glass Curtain Walls

The Advantages of Aluminum Glass Curtain Walls

1) Good sealing performance

A confined performance directly impacts the use of doors and windows and the energy consumption of a house. There are four aspects of sealing properties: watertightness, airtightness, heat insulation, and sound insulation.

2) Strong plasticity

Aluminum alloy doors and windows are metal materials, aluminum and various metal elements cast into a variety of alloys, with other doors and windows with unparalleled advantages, light weight and high strength, able to extrude into a variety of complex cross-section profiles, satisfying the various new section material requirements of door and window designers.

3) Long service life

As a result of their light weight, high density, precision processing, assembly, and precision, aluminum alloy doors and windows can be opened and closed easily, flexibly, without sound, easy to maintain, corrosion resistant, small deformation, strong fire resistance, and long service life (50-100 years).

Aluminum Glass Curtain Walls

Aluminum curtain walls manufacturer in China

As a premier manufacturer of custom aluminum glass curtain walls, Kesenbao manufactures aluminum glass curtain wall for both new and historic buildings.

Kesenbao aluminum curtain walls are low maintenance, offering a thermally enhanced design for improved energy efficiency.

Contact our expert and we will work out the best deals for you, and ensure you are taken through every step of your project.

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