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Aluminum Sliding Window

What is aluminum sliding windows

Sliding windows come in several types, but they are usually horizontally oriented. In tight spaces, they are also known as horizontal windows, since they cannot swing outward. Stylish alternatives to traditional vertical sliding windows, they offer clean lines, a contemporary aesthetic, and are also popular in modern homes. The sashes of double hung windows, also called vertical sliding windows, slide up and down. The sashes of horizontal windows slide left and right to open.

Aluminum sliding window

Aluminum sliding window features

With our aluminum sliding window frames, you can add a visually appealing architectural element to any space while enjoying superior performance and functionality. Besides these features, our aluminum sliding windows come with grille designs, multiple locking points, and mesh options for added security. With premium quality frames, your home or office will be protected against dust, pollution, noise, and strong winds, ensuring a comfortable, secure interior. The price of our Aluminum sliding windows is also much lower than that of our competitors.

  1. Optimized ventilation
  2. Improved space usage
  3. Low maintenance
  4. Durable and Stable structure

Kesenbao aluminum Sliding windows consist of two sashes. Open and close the window by sliding the two sashes back and forth. Kesenbao aluminum Sliding Windows provide good ventilation as one of their advantages. Kesenbao aluminum Frames can be customized depending on what Kesenbao glass is chosen for the sliding windows.

If you want to elevate your space’s appearance and functionality, aluminum sliding windows are a great choice. Our windows are expertly designed and manufactured to meet each customer’s unique requirements, and we even offer customized designs. We offer very reasonable prices for aluminum windows. Therefore, Kesenbao Windows is a name you can trust if you need the most spectacular aluminum sliding windows for your balcony!

Aluminum sliding windows manufacturer in China

As a premier manufacturer of custom aluminum sliding windows, Kesenbao manufactures aluminum sliding windows for both new and historic buildings.

With Kesenbao’s wide selection of aluminum sliding windows, we can help simplify the process of starting your home improvement project. Kesenbao aluminum sliding windows are low maintenance, offering a thermally enhanced design for improved energy efficiency.

Contact our expert and we will work out the best deals for you, and ensure you are taken through every step of your project.

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