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Aluminum Narrow Frame Door

Aluminum Glass Slim Frame Door

The frameless shower door is divided into outward opening and sliding type, which is simple and elegant, easy to clean, and has good wet and dry separation and waterproof performance.

Where does it apply?

1. When the door leaf is closed, the sealing effect is good.

2. Glass has good light transmittance, prevents fogging and water vapor hanging on the wall.

3. It is suitable for toilet and bathroom places such as villas, apartments, hotels, etc.

Slim Framed Sliding Aluminum Glass Doors

Slim Framed Sliding Aluminum Glass Doors

With the most minimal design, our slim framed, high performance sliding glass door systems offer the largest structural opening. Designed and manufactured to the highest standards, the systems offer unique designs and adaptable solutions to suit your project needs.

Sliding door systems with slim frames are the epitome of slim exterior opening systems, with sightlines as low as 20mm. In addition to maximizing glass surfaces, the combination of insulated aluminum and high-quality structural glass results in a design of transparency and immateriality that are hallmarks of modern architecture.

Slim frame glass doorSlim frame glass door Slim frame glass door

Aluminum Glass Narro Frame Door Manufacturer in China

A comprehensive range of Aluminium slim frame doors from Kesenbao is available, all of which are built with the latest technology to ensure that they look great and perform exceptionally well in terms of heat retention, weather performance, etc., and security. In addition to giving your balcony a distinctive, unique appearance, aluminium glass slim frame doors can help make it more energy-efficient. Aluminum slim frame doors come in numerous beautiful colors and are reasonably priced, whether they are Lift-and-Slide, Tilt-and-Slide, or slim frame sliding doors. A wide range of customizable designs ensures that every property can be customized to suit its needs.

With our Aluminium narrow frame sliding glass doors, you’ll be able to create a home that pleases your eyes, relaxes your nerves, and evokes optimism. In comparison to traditional doors, Kesenbao Aluminium narrow frame Doors are compact and take up less space. There is an exquisite and polished appearance to the aluminium slim frames, adding to the beauty of the space, whereas other doors are less robust and secure. Lightweight, strong, and corrosion-resistant, Aluminium narrow frame glass doors are ideal for any home.

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