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If you are planning to refurbish a house or are in the process of constructing one, aluminium windows must be considered for the finishing touches. There are several advantages of having aluminium windows installed in the house and these include strength, durability, sleekness, variety of finishes and weather resistance. They are also very affordable, eco-friendly, customisable and easy to maintain.

The window frames can transform the look of a house and the best part is you do not need to stick to a standard colour for them. You can have the windows in a colour of your choice. Are there any other advantages of having coloured windows? The answer to the question is YES. Below are some of the advantages of coloured windows that you may have never thought of.


1. Complement Your Décor

Windows enhance the look of a room and ones that match the décor are different from those that are contrasting. You can choose your look and do not have to restrict yourself to the basic colours. If you have a blue room and you want it to look striking with doors and windows with a darker shade of blue, you can surely have that. You can give each room a different look with aluminium sliding windows or tilt and turn windows as is suitable for that room. The colours of the frames can be co-ordinated with the wall colours to give it an exotic or charming look.


2. Excellent Finish

The colour window frames are powder coated and available in a variety of excellent finishes. The powder coating colours can be achieved just like normal paints. Hence, you can get a wide range of colours to choose from. After preparing the surface, the paint is applied and then the section is baked and finished, giving a consistent appearance to the frame. The smooth finish gives an elegant look to the room in a colour of your choice.

3. Long lasting

The process of powder coating makes the fresh appearance of aluminium doors and windows last for a long time with little care. It increases the life of the material by giving it additional protection against the weather conditions. With time, if you wish to repaint your room, you can also change the colour of the frames by repainting them. It is advisable to get professional help to do the job though unless you want to affect the smooth functioning of the window.

4. Weather Resistant

The aluminium frames do not get impacted by different weather conditions and hence are suitable for all locations. Other than windows and sliding doors for different parts of the house, you can also install coloured aluminium doors for bathrooms without worrying about them getting discoloured or corroded.

5. Easy to Maintain

The powder coating on the coloured aluminium doors and windows gives them a smooth finish and makes the surface easy to maintain. They are easy to clean by simply using a mild detergent and soft cloth. It does not need abrasive materials to clean. It is advisable not to use anything abrasive as it could damage the finish of the frames.

The aluminium doors and windows, whether plain or coloured, can be a good choice for your house, but having them coloured, even if done in the basic black and white, can add character to your home. You can choose to have different styles and colours for every window depending on the suitability. The sliding French windows opening out to the balcony can have a sleek white frame, while the attic window could be framed in black. The possibilities are endless as you let yourself imagine the house of your dreams.

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