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A thermal break window’s advantage

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Thermal Break Aluminum Windows and Doors - A thermal break window's advantage

PVC doors and windows have been in the building door and window market for more than 20 years while the lifetime of excellent PVB windows and doors is only 10-20 years. Now many consumers will be replace PVC doors and windows with thermal break aluminum doors and windows.
PVC windows and doors has 2 disadvantages:
LIFETIME: PVC profiles is plastic and steel lining. If you don’t talk about inferior plastic steel, even high-quality PVC can’t solve the problem of brittleness and deformation caused by steel lining against steel aging.

Second, High-quality PVC windows and door can last ten years, while inferior quality one can only last three to five years. Nowadays, The endless price war has not only led to a sharp dip in the profits,but also derived a large number of inferior plastic steel windows. The endless low-cost competition made the early entertainers in the plastics industry lose their fighting passion because they were unprofitable, while the street shops continued to carry forward the plastic-steel windows with bad quality.
Thermal break aluminium profile windows and doors has below advantages:


Thermal-break-aluminium-profile Thermal-break-aluminium-profile

1. Reducing heat conduction:heat-insulating bridge aluminum alloy profiles, its heat transfer coefficient is 1.8-3.5W/m2·k, which is much lower than traditional aluminum alloy profiles 140-170W/m2·k.Combineing with insulated glass,the windows U value is 2.0~3.59W/m2·k which is much lower than the traditional aluminum alloy profile 6.69~6.84W/m2·k, which effectively reduces the heat conducted through the door and window.

2. Prevent condensation: The temperature of the inner surface of the profile with the heat insulation strip is close to the indoor temperature, which reduces the possibility that the indoor moisture will condense on the surface of the profile due to supersaturation.

3, energy efficient: in the winter, the window frame with heat insulation strip can reduce the loss of heat through the window frame by 1/3; in the summer, if there is air conditioning, the window frame with heat insulation strip can Reduce energy loss more.



4, Protect the environment: through the application of insulation system, can reduce energy consumption, while reducing the environmental radiation caused by air conditioning and heating. Good for health: The heat exchange between the human body and the environment depends on the temperature of the indoor air, the air flow rate and the outdoor air temperature. By adjusting the temperature of the door and window, it is not lower than 12 ~ 13 ° C, has reached the most comfortable environment.

5, reduce noise: the use of different thickness of the insulated glass structure and thermal break aluminum profile cavity structure, can effectively reduce the resonance effect of sound waves, prevent the transmission of sound, can reduce the noise more than 30dB.

6, colorful colors: the use of anodizing, powder coating, PVDF coating surface treatment can produce aluminum profiles of different colors, after rolling combination, so that the insulated aluminum alloy doors and windows produce indoor and outdoor two-color windows of different colors.

Aluminium windows-manufacturer-morn

Aluminium windows-manufacturer-morn

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