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Aluminium Windows and Doors: How to Select the Right Colour

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 - Aluminium Windows and Doors: How to Select the Right Colour
 - Aluminium Windows and Doors: How to Select the Right Colour

Have you finalized the finish and design of your aluminium doors and windows? You should now choose the right colour for the doors and windows. It might be confusing to choose an apt colour considering the vast range of colour options for aluminium doors and windows available in the market. So, jot down a couple of these tips when shopping for the best colours to add the finishing touches to your project.

Matching Colours

The first thing you would want to look into when choosing a suitable colour windows and doors is that you choose the same colour for both the doors and windows. For example, if you choose walnut-coloured aluminium doors, the windows should be walnut-coloured . Matching colours lend a professional and aesthetic sense to the home, which would otherwise look unprofessional and chaotic. So, remember the rule: Matching is vital for coherence.  

Analyzing the property’s architectural style

Your home will have a unique architectural design. As such, you must choose colours that complement the existing style of the house rather than contrast it. For example, if you live in a Victorian-style home, classic colours like white and cream work the best. White and other soft colours like cream, green and brown, etc, go well with Hamptons-styled homes, as well as other houses that follow classic architectural styles.

If your home follows a modernistic architectural style, bold colours like red, black, anthracite grey, etc. will work great for the aluminium doors and windows. Black also works great for industrial-style homes owing to the raw, masculine characteristics the colour tends to lend to doors, windows, and the whole house in general.

It is important to understand the architecture of your home before choosing an appropriate colour for the aluminium doors and windows. Research to find out the style of your house and start your search for the right colours from there. It will ensure that the colours you choose complement your home and make it stand out. 

Examining the exterior of the property and its surroundings

 - Aluminium Windows and Doors: How to Select the Right Colour

Many homeowners tend to overlook this fact when choosing a colour for aluminium windows & doors. As much as choosing colours to match the architectural style of your home is important, it is also equally important to consider the exterior of your home, the immediate surroundings of your home, and the neighborhood you live in.

If your home has a red brick exterior, a colour like mahogany would work wonders for doors and windows. Similarly, if your home has an all-white exterior, it pays to go with colours like white or cream to complement the look. Of course, you can choose to go a bit bold with your colour choices by selecting a colour like black for a red brick exterior, making the windows and doors pop out in contrast.

Do you live in a neighborhood of row houses with matching exteriors? If yes, then you would probably have to choose the same colours as used in the neighboring houses. 

The surrounding environment also plays a part in helping you choose the right colours for your aluminium doors and windows. For instance, if you happen to live by the beach, you may want to choose light colours. If you live in an industrial area, sober tones like grey and black would work for the doors and windows. And if you happen to live in an artistic area of town, you may want to use bold colours to match the visuals of the locality. 

Taking into account your taste in colors

When selecting colours for aluminium doors and windows in your home, your taste is more important than architectural styles, neighborhood and environment. 

What kind of personality are you? If you do know, you would want to choose colours that complement your unique style and personality. For instance, if you prefer calm, serene surroundings, natural colours will lend the vibe you want. 

If you love nostalgia, colours like grey lend that beautiful classic touch to your home. And if you are a warm, fun-loving person, colours like green, yellow and blue can match your sunshine personality.

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