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Aluminum Casement Window

Aluminium Flush Casement Windows

With a flush external appearance and slim sightlines, flush casement windows are ideal for contemporary, new construction and renovation projects alike.

With Kesenbao flush aluminium casement windows, your heritage timber or steel-framed windows can be replaced with a stylish, durable and energy-efficient alternative that will endure for many years.

This window can also be customized to achieve sleek, minimal lines, which are in high demand with homeowners looking to create clean, contemporary styles in their homes. The window comes in a wide selection of configurations and aesthetic options.

Aluminum Casement Window

Why Choose Flush Casement Windows?

In both heritage and modern property styles, flush aluminum glass windows are an elegant, durable, energy-efficient solution. Smooth, flat surfaces on the exterior of this type of casement window mimic the appearance of traditional timber-framed or steel-framed windows. Your heritage property is sympathetically upgraded while gaining many performance benefits.

We also offer aluminium flush glass casement windows for a sleek, contemporary look. Our windows are also popular choices for new construction due to their minimal aesthetics and ultra slim sightlines.

Aluminum Casement Window

The performance of flush casement windows

A flush aluminium glass window is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it provides excellent energy efficiency and enhanced security.

Security Features

When it comes to security, aluminium is a preferred choice due to its strength. As part of our flush casement windows, Kesenbao incorporates a range of additional security features.

Glass Safety

We understand that safety is as important as being a sleek and stylish choice. With Kesenbao, each standard unit includes toughened safety glass that is not only very hard to break, but also provides maximum security.

Multi-point Locking

It is possible to lock a window in multiple places with a single key to prevent attacks with multi-point locks. All our windows are fitted with a multi-point locking system as standard, providing superior security for peace of mind and protection. New homes must comply with PAS 24 as standard for high security locks.

Aluminium – The Secure Choice

Kesenbao windows are made of top-quality aluminium. Low-density metals such as aluminium add strength and durability to a design without adding bulk. With aluminium’s robustness and high security hardware and locking mechanisms, the windows are completely secure.


Aluminium is an inherently robust material that offers strength and security as well as being extremely durable. Even the coating on our flush casement frames is resistant to corrosion and fading, so they will never need to be repainted or treated. Our windows are designed to last for years so you and your customers can rest easy.

Energy Efficiency

Building projects such as renovations, new builds, and commercial properties should consider the energy efficiency of windows.

At Kesenbao we make sure all our products, including our flush casement aluminium windows, meet and exceed Building Regulations. To this end, the standard glazing units used within our windows are designed to offer optimal thermal efficiency.

The U-Value is a measure of how well a building product insulates. In general, lower values indicate better insulation. You can achieve U-values as low as 1.5 W/m2K with a double glazed window with a thermally broken aluminium frame from Kesenbao.

Weather Performance

Our aluminium windows are rigorously tested to BRE Standards to ensure they remain weather-resistant.

According to the test results, our flush casement aluminium windows are airtight and water resistant, meeting and exceeding requirements. Additionally, the windows withstand repeated pressure cycles and wind loads.

Aluminium casement window manufacturer in China

As a premier manufacturer of custom aluminum casement windows, Kesenbao manufactures aluminum casement windows for both new and historic buildings. Both contemporary and traditional designs are available in Kesenbao flush aluminium casement window profiles. Powder coated in a variety of colours, they can be customized to meet your requirements.

For enhanced thermal performance, Kesenbao flush aluminum casement window profiles feature polyamide thermal breaks. For a variety of installations, Kesenbao offers a range of frames and sashes. Contact our expert and we will work out the best deals for you, and ensure you are taken through every step of your project.

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