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Aluminum Hung Window

Aluminum Frame Hung Window

Aluminium Top Hung windows from Kesenbao are another standard British design aimed at residential markets. Different profiles of Kesenbao aluminium top hung windows are available depending on the choice of Kesenbao Glass and Frames. Kesenbao Aluminium Top Hung Windows combine casement and window frame, both made from high-grade aluminum. A hinge on the top side of the casement attaches the frame to the casement, allowing the window to swing outward and be stopped using high-quality steel friction stays. Kesenbao Aluminium Top Hung Windows are available in a variety of colors, making them suitable for use in hotels, hospitals, and multi-story buildings.

Aluminium Single Hung Windows

Aluminium Single Hung Windows

Any architectural-style home would benefit from single-hung windows. In a vertical space, single hung windows are an excellent solution for creating visual interest. Kesenbao offers single hung aluminum windows made from aluminum and vinyl.

What are aluminum single hung windows?

Unlike double hung windows, single hung windows have a vertically raised bottom sash, but a stationary top sash. In addition to improving energy efficiency and comfort, the fixed top sash also enhances weather resistance.

What are the benefits of aluminum single hung windows?

Single hung windows have easy-to-clean lower sashes that can be removed from the inside. The interior and exterior sashes of double-hung windows can be cleaned from the inside, making them a better option for multi-story homes.

Unlike casement windows, single hung windows don’t open to the outside, making them a great choice for patios and walkways.

Aluminum Single Hung Windows Customization Options

You can choose between vinyl and aluminum single hung windows from Kesenbao. You can customize our new construction single hung windows to fit your home’s style. You can choose interior and exterior colors that match your style. Our hardware finishes and grille patterns can also be customized to match your home’s style. Vertical and horizontal mulling (joining) can further customize single hung windows to create unique combinations that enhance curb appeal and expand views. You can rely on us for everything from a classic craftsman home to a Victorian-style house.



Top and bottom sashes are open on aluminum double hung windows, making them a safe option for homes with children and pets. The windows provide flexible ventilation and are easy to clean. Their classic beauty complements any architectural style.

Both retrofit and new construction applications benefit from Architectural Grade Premium Double Hung (PDH) windows. Grids are available in a number of combinations and resemble retro multi-paned windows.

Why Choose Aluminum Double Hung Windows?

The top and bottom sashes of aluminum double hung windows tilt in to allow homeowners to access the exterior. The bottom pane can be opened to let cool air in and the top pane to let warm air out. By doing this, you can improve the airflow in your home. The interior and exterior sash of double-hung windows can be easily cleaned from the inside, making them a great option for multi-story homes.

The classic look of aluminum double hung windows complements any type of home. We offer replacement and new construction double hung windows for Colonial, Cape Cod, Craftsman and Victorian homes.

Aluminum Double Hung Windows Customization Options

Kesenbao offers a variety of customization options to create the perfect window for your home. To match the design of your home, you can choose from several interior and exterior colors. Our custom aluminum double hung windows are available in a variety of hardware finishes and grille patterns. Your home’s style can be perfectly complemented by the right window.

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