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Sliding Door Care: Tips for Longevity

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3 Section Aluminium Bifold Doors - Sliding Door Care: Tips for Longevity

Any property can benefit from sliding doors. They provide the perfect blend of contemporary design and functionality. Aluminium sliding doors let in natural light and air circulation while opening up indoor spaces to the outside. While they are low on maintenance compared to other door materials, occasional cleanup and upkeep keeps them in business for long. Regular sliding doors maintenance processes can prevent you from facing problems, such as derailed doors, clogged and sticky tracks, and worn-out rollers, to name a few.

Dealing with minor door issues on a timely basis can control them from snowballing into bigger, more expensive problems later. Sticky doors are inconvenient and will only get worse if ignored. Here are some preventive maintenance procedures that you need to follow to maintain your sliding patio doors functioning properly.

  • Glass cleaning

Nothing makes us happier than having sparkling, clean windows. Children’s sticky fingerprints, general dust, and filth can be swiftly and simply removed with some window cleaner and newspaper. By washing the surrounding frame and tracks with warm water and soap, you can lessen the buildup of debris.

 - Sliding Door Care: Tips for Longevity
  • Frame maintenance

To keep the door’s attractiveness and prevent weathering damage to the outside frame seal, both the inner and exterior frame can be cleaned. It merely requires a quick dusting, followed by a warm, soapy water wash. Keep harsh chemicals away from your door frames since they can impact its finish. When the original varnish on sliding doors with a wooden frame begins to fade, the wood must be re-varnished.

  • Keep the track tidy

Pet hair, children’s crumbs, and guests’ unclean shoes all severely damage sliding patio tracks. They are also vulnerable to blown-in debris and seasonal temperature swings. It is recommended to clean the rollers and tracks once a month. Start by vacuuming out any loose dust and debris. Cleanse the area with warm, soapy water. To clean all the places, move carefully with a butter knife. An old toothbrush can be used to effectively clear fine dirt out of cramped areas.

 - Sliding Door Care: Tips for Longevity
  • Track Lubrication

Lubricating the bottom tracks ensure easy movement of doors.  Only do this if the tracks are free of debris and dust. If your tracks are dusty or if you’ve had a sticky door for a while, it might be best to remove the doors from the tracks in order to fully clean and lubricate the entire rail. 

  • Swap the rollers

If the door is old and difficult to open, then the rollers might have to be removed for additional examination. You can clean, lubricate, and then reinsert the rollers. If the rollers are damaged, then replacement might be the only option. Once the rollers are in the correct position, adjust the screws to create a smooth movement. 

  • Test door alignment

Loud knocks, faulty installation, and abusive use of the sliding door (slamming) can cause misalignment and shaky movement. The accumulation of debris or a settling foundation may also have an impact on the alignment of the rollers. This  repair can be carried out by adjusting the roller screws or removing the door to align  it horizontally from top to bottom.

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